Oh look! you found the rest of the garbage.

Possible purposes of this website:

I am aware of how poorly made this is.

I feel geniunely stupid. Can't think straight, no reading comprehension. Maybe it's sleep deprivation, maybe I've had too much sugar. If you were to knock on my skull you would hear an echo. So, pardon my idiocy.

I straighten out my sleep schedule, form a daily routine, start going outside more, yet it seems that actually makes me feel sad and bored. No time to binge youtube cartoon compilations and other such bullshit that keep me too stimulated and excited to fall asleep any earlier than 4 am. When I have no mindless entertainment, any activity i want to do has to be thoughtful. Then I discover how inept I am, too lazy to work and remember how little I know, how vapid I am.